Get wasted and reduce carbon emissions

Why ? Alcohol brings over %1000 of profit (higher is only an armour and drug trade). For example, a pub buys a VB beer for 2.4 cents per 1 LITER. %20 of profit goes to pub, %80 goes to government. Consumption of pure alcohol more then 5 litters per person per year lead to irreversible nation extinction. So why not get pissed? 1. You helping economy. 2.reducing population.  Therefore you solving demographical and pollution problem at the same time.

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> The Spring Pubganie is this Friday — 31st August
> 6pm at Belmore Park — just across from Central Station
> Based on the concept of Rogaining, the Pubgaine is a great opportunity to
> see a host of Sydney’s Pubs while having a great time with mates on a
> night. Organised by UTS Outdoor Adventure Club  —  we are inviting anyone
> who enjoys the outdoors to welcome spring in style:


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