What it takes to make a human happy?

What make a human happy? Being reach is likely a dream of all people in civilized world today. But still everybody agree that money does not necessary bring happiness. You may see reach people proudly exercise they power anyway they can. But did you ever see a genuine smile on a face of rich man? Perhaps on faces on few celebrities. But everybody knows celebrities are hooked on drugs. Why they do that? You see every human has the same brain. No matter how hard you try to lift off, the amount of neurotransmitters cannot jump over a healthy limit. Of cause you may push it over by artificial chemicals. More likely you will end up mental. Drugs make anybody happier…temporary. So why earn millions to get artificially high at the and anyway? Why not get on heroin now and die same as happy as a superstar. Is it really necessary to spend %95 percent of the active time to earn money? Most people say they need money for living. And what is living? Human body including brain structure did not change for the last 5-10 thousand years. Did people of the past should spend they lives earn they living similar way we do?


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