New World order for dummies.

A history teacher used to tell us: ‘to understand a social or political event always looks who started and who profit’. Let’s see. ‘Scientific facts’ about global warming are given by UN experts, and the same UN manage CO2 scheme. Hm. They cannot sell an air yet. But CO2 is an essential part of the air, which means UN trading an air now! Perfect! They avoid elementary reasons for problems on Earth – overpopulation. It is hard to sell birth control because peasants like to multiply more than they want money. Was September 11 not enough? Insured world towers were demolished, coincidentally, bringing a nearby CIA archive with them (where material on Kennedy assassination was due to be disclosed).
As a precaution, long before September 11, they let peasants’ party hard at the end of the millennium by losing up FCC rules, rappers and crack. That prepared people to eat incoming crap easy. September 11 Show freaked out “civilised” world (a world watching American TV). Before anybody could figure out what is going on, Bush declared war on himself and announced – “You are with as or you with (invisible) terrorists”. All “civilised” countries sh*t themselves. Later, all made a LOT of money on terrorism scams. US intrude to Middle East (where oil and drugs are) taken some control over it, helping Jerusalem to sustain and exporting inflation trough war. World wild PTS (post-traumatic syndrome) increased drug consumption. Drugs made peasants stupid=happy tolerant, socially apathetic and increased profit for pharmaceutical companies (antidepressants) and the CIA ( South American cocaine and Afghanistan heroin). Sales of a regular consumer’s crap increasing triggered by escapism. Post-2001 cheap credit (led to sub mortgage credit later) was just in time for losers gone crazy. The second rabbit they were trying to kill is an Islam. Contrary to Judah-Christianity, Islam does not abuse money landing (interest) and limits women’s buying capacity. Therefore there is NO place for the parasitic “money makes money” principle in the Islamic world. An entire bullshit democracy system could collapse. September 11 scam fitted very well in the presidency cycle and also other natural processes. What follows? Payback of cause, driven by fear of terrorism, incoming ecological crisis and gilt. Peasants and Mother Nature will pay it. But who cares?


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