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Login to Your computer — welcome to Microsoft. Lets Go ogle! Login to Your account on Our web site – this service provided as is, nobody is responsible for loss of your data, damage of Your computer, damage of Your nerves, wasting Your time, waste Your life. You give us your details. We got the money and consume more crap then You do. Respect it. Consume more our crap. Switch on Your TV – watch Our advertisement, watch fagots on drugs, laugh at them and buy shit they make. Watch it, listen it, eat it, wear it. Afraid that you are one of them. Get fat, get lazy, get wasted, get stupid, get smart, be happy, keep going, get high, do not worry, get a life. Start up family. Make more kids. Your kids will work for Us. They will hate You. They will hate themself. They will be You.


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