Money is the waste

Let’s take the definition of money as a ‘medium of exchange’. People cared away with ‘medium’, neglecting the ‘exchange’, the intrinsic quality of the trade. If all market players optimize for profit, the exchange quality degrades. The ideal business is profit without the product or intangible product or fraud. Such optimisation asymptotically leaving zero (instead of the product) + money + waste (of the manufacturing process) — > money = waste

Locally, at a country level or separate global market, one might become an absolute winner and spend money buying genuine products outside on a market that is not corrupted to the complete waste yet. But on the global scale, optimisation for profit leads to nothing but waste because the Earth is closed system.

Zero profit law

in Russian ‘закон нулевой прибыли’ do not confuse it with the zero-profit condition or zero-profit rate as per Marx.


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