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Antioxidants in Australian Native Fruits

The fruits:
Kakadu plum
Illawarra plum
Burdekin plum
Davidson’s plum
red and yellow finger limes
Tasmanian pepper
brush cherry
Cedar Bay cherry
muntries and Molucca raspberry

were compared with blueberries (cultivar Biloxi) — a fruit renowned for its high antioxidant properties.
While Australian native fruits have been eaten by indigenous people for thousands of years, this is the first scientific study of the fruits as a source of antioxidants and confirms preliminary results previously published (Netzel et al 2006).

This research supports Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) efforts to realise the potential of Australia’s fledgling native food industry which is currently estimated to be worth $14 million annually.

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What it takes to make a human happy?

What make a human happy? Being reach is likely a dream of all people in civilized world today. But still everybody agree that money does not necessary bring happiness. You may see reach people proudly exercise they power anyway they can. But did you ever see a genuine smile on a face of rich man? Perhaps on faces on few celebrities. But everybody knows celebrities are hooked on drugs. Why they do that? You see every human has the same brain. No matter how hard you try to lift off, the amount of neurotransmitters cannot jump over a healthy limit. Of cause you may push it over by artificial chemicals. More likely you will end up mental. Drugs make anybody happier…temporary. So why earn millions to get artificially high at the and anyway? Why not get on heroin now and die same as happy as a superstar. Is it really necessary to spend %95 percent of the active time to earn money? Most people say they need money for living. And what is living? Human body including brain structure did not change for the last 5-10 thousand years. Did people of the past should spend they lives earn they living similar way we do?

Food additives, which may course hyperactive disorders:

Sunset yellow (E110) — Coloring found in squashes
Carmoisine (E122) — Red coloring in jellies
Tartrazine (E102) — New coloring in lollies, fizzy drinks
Ponceau 4R (E124) — Red coloring
Sodium benzoate (E211) — Preservative
Quinoline yellow (E104) — Food coloring
Allura red AC (E129) — Orange / red food dye

Half of the world’s human population is infected with Toxoplasmosis

The U.S. NHANES (2004-2005) national probability sample found that 33.1% of U.S. persons above 12 years of age had Toxoplasma-specific IgG antibodies, indicating that they had been infected with the organism. This prevalence has significantly increased from the 1999-2000 data.[25]

It is estimated that between 30% and 65% of all people worldwide are infected with Toxoplasmosis. However, there is large variation countries: in France, for example, around 88% of the population are carriers, probably due to a high consumption of raw and lightly cooked meat. Germany, the Netherlands and Brazil also have high prevalences of around 80%, over 80% and 67% respectively. In Britain, about 22% are carriers, and South Korea’s rate is only 4.3%.

Correlations have been found between latent Toxoplasma infections and various characteristics:
Increased risk taking behavior
Slower reactions
Feelings of insecurity and self-doubt
Neuroticism (one of the Big Five personality traits)

Several studies have found significantly higher levels of Toxoplasma antibodies in schizophrenia patients compared to the general population.[24]

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Dog-tired doctors pose a health risk

It’s been a hard day’s night, and I’ve been working like a dog. It’s been a hard day’s night, I should be sleeping like a log.» It is hard to imagine that this pithy summary of the issues of long working hours, safety and the restorative effects of sleep on human performance should come from a love song by four mop haired musicians.
However, since the 1960s, scientists have increasingly recognized the risks of long working hours facing inhabitants of the modern 24 hour society. Electric lighting keeps factories, supermarkets and airports operating around the clock. Planes fly across multiple time zones. Large trucks are driven all night. Pursuits ranging from health care to the military are nonstop activities. The Internet never closes.
While we marvel at the convenience of so many modem technologies, the price we pay is exposure to a range of problems including social dislocation and increased risk of catastrophic accidents. The combination of long work hours, short sleep hours and working at night when the human body’s biology is programmed for sleep is a recipe for human error and impaired safety. The Three Mile Island nuclear accident, Chernobyl, the launch failure of the space shuttle Challenger, and the Exxon Valdez oil spill have all, in part, been caused by human error triggered by lack of sleep and excessive work hours.
Although most people are aware of their impaired function after going without one or two nights of sleep, the most common form of «sleep loss» is shortening of sleep hours. Everyone encounters some nights of reduced sleep length but when this persists and there is no or little recovery sleep, problems occur. Recent research has highlighted that shortening sleep to four or even six hours per night over a two week period is associated with increased lapses in attention due to «microsleeps». More worrying is that individuals who have restricted sleep seem to have an inability to monitor their own deterioration in performance, resulting in overconfidence in their ability to undertake tasks. So a sleep restricted person may behave in the same way as a person who has had too much alcohol to drink both underestimating their impairment and thinking they are fit to drive a car or some other responsible task, like complicated medical surgery.
Indeed, the hospital workplace is one setting where the risk of sleep loss has increasingly attracted attention from medical researchers. Professor Charles
Czeisler and his team from Harvard University have recently published a series of landmark papers in The New England Journal of Medicine and other leading medical journals. These papers have provided direct evidence that working extended shifts in the hospital intensive care unit results in more errors, especially medication orders. Shorter split shifts with time allowed for napping resulted in fewer errors. In a nationwide US survey of 2737 interns, the Harvard group found extended shifts were linked to a greater rate of needlestick injuries and near miss or actual driving accidents.
How does this relate to the hospital workplace in Australia? Although, in general, work hour regimes are kinder here than in US hospitals, 15 per cent of all doctors in Australia report working more than 80 hours per week. Problems arise in rural areas or in specialized settings where individuals may be on call all week. We know that even being on call without being called in can impair sleep and often little is done to acutely monitor on call specialist trainee work hours. These trainees are few in number and in high demand. Even more worrying is who monitors the sleep wake schedules of their bosses. Watching a senior hospital specialist fall asleep at a lunchtime meeting often provokes a laugh but perhaps ignores the underlying problem. No patient would consent to surgery if they noticed their doctor’s breath smelt of alcohol. However, how many patients ask their surgeon how much sleep they’ve had lately.
Hospitals are often imbued with a cultural mix of altruism, machismo and denial. Many of us who have worked in hospitals have bored our friends and family with tales of stoical never ending shifts and battling to stay awake in a sleepy fog. The reality is that we cannot kid ourselves that this is safe and any hospital administration that tolerates this situation is at fault. The current shortage of doctors in the health system has resulted in «moonlighting», with some doctors working for two or sometimes three employers. At the moment hospitals in Australia are probably more concerned where their doctors left their last SIM card but they should also be asking where else do you work how many hours do you work and how much sleep do you get?
Health administrators may be held criminally liable for their sleepy doctors in the same way that a transport company may be held criminally liable for fall asleep accidents caused by its drivers. The first step to prevent this is to recognize the risk, use scientifically proven strategies to deal with the problem and finally to recognize that the best treatment is to sleep like a dog.
Professor Ron Grunstein heads the Sleep and Circadian Group at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research at the University of Sydney. Professor Charles Czeisler is speaking at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital this morning.
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food additives cause hyperactive disorders

hyperactive disorders BBC NEWS | Health | Parents warned of additives link:

WHICH ADDITIVES? Sunset yellow (E110) — Colouring found in squashes Carmoisine (E122) — Red colouring in jellies Tartrazine (E102) — New colouring in lollies, fizzy drinks Ponceau 4R (E124) — Red colouring Sodium benzoate (E211) — Preservative Quinoline yellow (E104) — Food colouring Allura red AC (E129) — Orange / red food dye

Humans on Earth today behave like 4 year-olds

Humans on Earth today behave like 4–year-old with a hundred-dollar bill to spend. A child would waste all the money on chocolate or ice cream. He would eat sweets until he got sick. We, too, carelessly waste the Earth’s natural resources in an attempt to satisfy our greed and lust. We keep on consuming shit until we get fat and sick. Then we buy other shit to try and balance it out.

So far, the human race is in a cycle of stuffing our guts to death! Why? Because we can, and we’re proud of it!!

Parents would teach a girl to behave. Parents would explain the consequences of bad behaviour. The human race does not have any parents to look after them, no matter how hard we try to believe in God, Aliens or other imaginary friends. We will do whatever we like until we run out of air and burn our arses on the global warming fry pan.

People do not like to admit the simple reason why we are on this Earth.

Life appeared on the border between the hot sun and cold space. The only reason we are here is to dissipate as much energy as we can. We are like a tornado born on the border between high and low temperatures.

Our arrogance and logic came from millions of years of monkey experience. The reasoning initially developed was to grab a banana on a tree or see the consequences of confrontation with powerful enemies. Our logic is not designed to see beyond the boundaries of our own experience.

The only reason why we are better than other animals is because we can predict the consequences of our actions and change our environment according those predictions. Logic can help to adapt to the environment faster than any other animal. Thus, we dissipate energy much quicker than anything alive on Earth. Yes. Changing the environment and increasing entropy (=disorder, chaos) is our goal. Our motivations and goals are directed by entropy. The more we consume, the more we are increasing entropy – and the more successful we seem to ourselves. Entropy laws control our motivations. Our feelings are only a parameter of a physical-chemical reaction and balance in favour of these laws.

Nature tricks us. Its laws do not consider satisfying our feelings! Our deep motivations and understanding of right and wrong have directed us towards increasing entropy – not actually to satisfy the feelings themselves. Our positive feelings are just a side effect. Positive feelings are only indicators to a mountain physical-chemical reactions of life in order to continue the process of self destruction forever. It doesn’t have much to do with the world around us; nor does money, success, etc.

Positive emotions are only there to sustain the chemical reaction that is life. That way, we can be active and live longer to process more and spend more energy. The best of us not only dissipate the maximum energy in our lifetime but also motivate others and use technology to dissipate a million times more energy than is needed for survival. The technocratic environment we have created is doing our job (to waste energy) better than we are. A feeling of wasting energy is bloody good. For example: riding a powerful car is a waste of bioorganic masses grown for billions of years.

We deserve to fry on the frying pan created by our short-sighted greed – global warming. That was the only purpose of our existence.

Потребители ширпотреба Американцы дышат китайским говном

Представьте покупателя, который всегда выпрашивает продавца на скидку и жалобит в высшие инстанции, или вообще ворует. Один два таких — пусть себе наживают язву. А если ВСЕ не платят по счёту и срут за спиной друг друга? Какая торговля останется? А, скажите, пусть воруют, на всех хватит … А вот нет. Грязь, взваленная на чужие головы возвращается значительно быстрее, чем вы можете думать. Например, все покупают китайский ширпотреб. Почему он дешёв? Потому что миллиард бедных Китайцев выкапывают и зжигают свой угль. Так вот недавно в связи с последними анти CO2 соглашениями выявили. Оказывается, Китай загрязняет земную атмосферу на треть из-за этого угля. Прикол в том, что постоянные ветры переносят облако грязи через океан в Штаты — основной потребитель китайского хлама за несколько дней. Таким образом, Американцы дышат пеплом из-за своей же жадности раньше чем китайская дешёвка доходит до Американских магазинов! Так кто же платит по счетам? Американские дети, которые будут дышать загрязненным воздухом и продолжающие раковые заболевания родителей и сама планета земля. Земля становится виртуально меньшей каждым годом до размера одной страны… «… если все будут мочится мимо унитаза, то в стране будет разруха…» Профессор Преображенский (Собачье Сердце)