New World order for dummies.

A history teacher used to tell us: ‘to understand a social or political event always looks who started and who profit’. Let’s see. ‘Scientific facts’ about global warming are given by UN experts, and the same UN manage CO2 scheme. Hm. They cannot sell an air yet. But CO2 is an essential part of the air, which means UN trading an air now! Perfect! They avoid elementary reasons for problems on Earth – overpopulation. It is hard to sell birth control because peasants like to multiply more than they want money. Was September 11 not enough? Insured world towers were demolished, coincidentally, bringing a nearby CIA archive with them (where material on Kennedy assassination was due to be disclosed).
As a precaution, long before September 11, they let peasants’ party hard at the end of the millennium by losing up FCC rules, rappers and crack. That prepared people to eat incoming crap easy. September 11 Show freaked out “civilised” world (a world watching American TV). Before anybody could figure out what is going on, Bush declared war on himself and announced – “You are with as or you with (invisible) terrorists”. All “civilised” countries sh*t themselves. Later, all made a LOT of money on terrorism scams. US intrude to Middle East (where oil and drugs are) taken some control over it, helping Jerusalem to sustain and exporting inflation trough war. World wild PTS (post-traumatic syndrome) increased drug consumption. Drugs made peasants stupid=happy tolerant, socially apathetic and increased profit for pharmaceutical companies (antidepressants) and the CIA ( South American cocaine and Afghanistan heroin). Sales of a regular consumer’s crap increasing triggered by escapism. Post-2001 cheap credit (led to sub mortgage credit later) was just in time for losers gone crazy. The second rabbit they were trying to kill is an Islam. Contrary to Judah-Christianity, Islam does not abuse money landing (interest) and limits women’s buying capacity. Therefore there is NO place for the parasitic “money makes money” principle in the Islamic world. An entire bullshit democracy system could collapse. September 11 scam fitted very well in the presidency cycle and also other natural processes. What follows? Payback of cause, driven by fear of terrorism, incoming ecological crisis and gilt. Peasants and Mother Nature will pay it. But who cares?


Immortality of excess. Who pays the bill ?

…. While the financial fallout of the mortgage meltdown has been well documented, the moral dimensions have not been widely discussed, religion experts say. ….
.. many homebuyers may have acted immorally by living beyond their means and that borrowers are required to try to make good on their debts…..
……   Lenders who preyed on low-income minorities for high-interest mortgages came up with «a slick way to make money and to really enslave people,» ..
…There is a biblical prohibition on charging interest on loans — the making money by lending money — although today most Jews AND (!?) Christians  view the charging of some interest as acceptable. In Christianity, Martin Luther in the 1500s and other Protestant reformers played a big role in liberalizing views on the charging of interest.
In Islamic finance, there is an official prohibition on interest-based borrowing and lending. That has helped investment funds that adhere to Islamic principles to largely avoid the subprime meltdown because they do not hold traditional banking stocks.
The subprime crisis is likely interpreted differently across the spectrum of Muslim thought, said John Voll, a professor of Islamic history at Georgetown University. He said some conservative Muslims might argue that the mess shows that an «interest-based system is not only immoral but doesn’t work.»
In the Bible, there is also mention of loan forgiveness, something particularly timely as the government has brokered a plan with mortgage lenders to give relief to struggling homeowners who took out adjustable rate subprime loans that are set to go up sharply.
In biblical times «every seventh year, you were supposed to forgive any money that hasn’t been repaid to you,» said Moore, the financial adviser, referring to a passage in Deuteronomy.
There is also a biblical concept of the Jubilee year, in which every 50 years all property should be returned to its original owners. The idea, he said, is to give those who have struggled a fresh start and not be bound forever by their debts….

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Who has got the money and who is going to pay the bill ? That is the question.


Always a moral to Clooney’s story — Opinion — Home —

At the end of movies, as soon as the credits roll the audience also starts to roll out of the theatre. By the time the credits are over, the theatre is empty. Yet when the credits rolled at the end of the session of the film Michael Clayton I attended last week, nobody moved. Not one person. The reason was George Clooney. He was still on screen, sitting in the back of a taxi, staring straight ahead, as the credits flashed beside him. He wasn’t doing anything else, just sitting and staring. Most people don’t walk out when Clooney is still on the screen, even doing nothing. He is a magnetic force.

MORE Sydney families are being pushed to the wall

from BSN
MORE Sydney families are being pushed to the wall by financial pressures despite a three-decade low in unemployment.

There were 6940 bankruptcies, debt agreements and personal insolvency agreements in Sydney last financial year, an increase of 16.4 per cent on the previous year. Another 5250 were registered between last June and February, suggesting the total this financial year could push towards 8000. That compares with just 4544 in 1999-2000.

Labor has used the figures from the Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia to highlight a rising trend in personal insolvency over the past six years.

The number of personal bankruptcies and debt agreements across Sydney rose by more than half between 1999-2000 and 2005-06. Parts of western Sydney have been hardest hit with a rise of 99 per cent in Blacktown and 70 per cent in the outer west. A slump in property prices since 2004 and relatively high rates of unemployment in some parts of west and south-west Sydney may have contributed to the surge in bankruptcies and debt agreements.

The jobless rate in both Fairfield and south-west Blacktown was above 10 per cent — more than double the national rate — in the December quarter, figures published by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations show.

However, some of Sydney’s wealthiest areas have also registered big increases in insolvency. Sydney’s inner west had an increase of 83 per cent between 1999-2000 and 2005-06 while there was a 74 per cent on the northern beaches and 60 per cent in the eastern suburbs.

The shadow treasurer, Wayne Swan, said the figures showed many families are under significant financial pressure.

«Household budgets are being hit by rising petrol prices, high child-care costs and spiralling mortgage repayments caused by eight consecutive interest rate rises, despite John Howard’s promise to keep rates at record lows,» he said.

Roger Mendelson, the chief executive of debt collection company Prushka, said easy access to credit was contributing to the rise in bankruptcies and debt agreements.

«These people are not normally the high-flyers and the total amount owing to creditors is often not all that large, it’s just beyond their capacity to repay,» he said.

The total debt burden on Australian households has reached almost $1 trillion and the ratio of household debt to income has reached 160 per cent, one of the highest in the world.

Interest payments now soak up more than 11 per cent of all household income, about 2 percentage points more than in 1989 when mortgage interest rates were 17 per cent.

Labor has also highlighted Government figures showing a record amount of superannuation savings has been released to individuals early to assist with financial hardship.

Those in financial difficulty can apply to withdraw cash from their super account if they are in acute financial need.

The amount released for this purpose jumped from $70 million in 2005 to $135 million last year, Government answers to Labor questions on notice show.

Free Market Starvation

Friday, September 21, 2007

The power of capitalist propaganda is immense. According to the ruling class media, the only system that starves anyone anymore is Communism.

One hears this platitude over and over — Communism = starvation. It is true that 600,000 have starved to death in North Korea since the 1990’s. However, 14 million starve to death every year in the world — mostly in South Asia but also 1 million in Latin America — almost all under capitalist regimes. Not one word of this from the ruling class mouthpieces. This has been going since at least 1986 (when the figure was calculated) with no end in sight.

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Get wasted and reduce carbon emissions

Why ? Alcohol brings over %1000 of profit (higher is only an armour and drug trade). For example, a pub buys a VB beer for 2.4 cents per 1 LITER. %20 of profit goes to pub, %80 goes to government. Consumption of pure alcohol more then 5 litters per person per year lead to irreversible nation extinction. So why not get pissed? 1. You helping economy. 2.reducing population.  Therefore you solving demographical and pollution problem at the same time.

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> The Spring Pubganie is this Friday — 31st August
> 6pm at Belmore Park — just across from Central Station
> Based on the concept of Rogaining, the Pubgaine is a great opportunity to
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